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Poster: Ishikawa Date: Apr 16, 2013 5:02pm
Forum: etree Subject: Sugarmegs mp3's are derived from low quality wma's

Just to let people know that after examining a few files from sugarmegs today it was quite obvious that the mp3's have been created by converting the low quality wma files. (I confirmed this by looking at the spectral analysis of the files.)

So if anyone downloads one of the sugarmegs mp3's the file they're getting is actually WORSE QUALITY than the wma version, since anything converted from the wma will always be worse than the wma itself.

When sugarmegs first promised mp3's I assumed he'd be making new mp3's from the original flacs he gets from various torrent sites, but all he's done is got the server to derive mp3's from the wma's. That's totally idiotic and pointless. You need to make new mp3's from the flacs if you want to provide mp3's. (Putting aside the mp3 vs flac debate please, that's for another topic)

And secondly how is he even allowed to host the files here? Where is the sugarmegs page on It's not part of the live music archive. It's not part of any of the other audio sections. I can't get any of the sugarmegs files to come up in a search of The only thing I found was this - - and that can't be it as there's hardly anything there. Has he found a backdoor?

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Poster: greenone Date: Apr 16, 2013 6:22pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Sugarmegs mp3's are derived from low quality wma's

The files are hosted here but are not browsable as a collection.